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PolyRock Technologies, LLC



PolyRock Technologies, LLC  has Licensed an innovative patented technology to produce a decorative polyurethane based composite rock panel product that replicates the look of stone and brick masonry finishes.  These  lightweight panels replicate the look of stone, rock and brick in a siding panel format.  PolyRock has licensed EasyRock to utilize it's innovative stone siding panel technology under U.S. Patents # 6,607,683;  #7,235,204; #7,306,757.






Over the past several years, commercial and residential surfacing aesthetics have increasingly used stone and brick as a decorative facade, including as a wainscoting.  Decorative stone panels made from lightweight composite  materials  give builders a whole new option to clad exterior and interior surfaces at less cost, with easier installation and easier maintenance. 



Our fitted panels - with the raised relief look of various stone types (U.S. Patent #6,607,683 and #7,306,757)   provides a new alternative to the look of stone without the mason. Made from polyurethane and iron oxides (U.S. Patent #7,235,204)  found in natural stone, the impact resistant siding panels provide authentic stone and brick colors.

Our panel products attach directly to wood, block or concrete, and can also be applied over brick, lap siding and stucco for easy renovation.  Field-cut the panels with standard woodworking tools and attach with adhesive and screws.  There is no need for a stone mason, PolyRock's panels can be applied by regular siding installers and carpenters and general contractors and handy homeowners.



Our wall panel, trim and edge treatment products are designed for both commercial and residential use in the building trades, with applications for both interior and exterior decorative finishes. 


Affordable             cheaper than stone

Durable                  - 15 lbs psi polyurethane

Lightweight           1 pound per square foot

Easy Installation   -drywall/deck screws


PolyRock is seeking additional international  licensee partners to manufacture and sell decorative wall covering and stone finish products based on our unique, patented technology. 


Our licensees hold rights to manufacture and sell artificial stone and brick finishes in their defined territory, creating an attractive business opportunity to serve homebuilders, home improvement  and commercial projects with an affordable wall covering solution that provides

The Beauty of Stone Without the Mason!


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